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With VAC wave coming and people starting a witch hunt against flusha, and now fnatic forfeiting from a csgo major tournament, it’s been a dramatic time for sure in world of CSGO. After the incident, fnatic had been hiding to give an official statement on the issue but now flusha had gone public and released this statement: First of all i have been playing competetively for about years now, both CS 1. I have been heavily accused all my career except for the 1 and a half year after we got a breakout tournament at Copenhagen games The only thing the community has managed to get me and my team is alot of undeserved hate. The only thing i can say about the clips on me is that i have a very different playstyle and i lift my mouse ALOT more than the average pro player. The other 1 out of 10 are fans that still appreciate what we do and just want to tell us that they are still cheering for us, i thank them for this. It is just sad that you might have destroyed one of the best teams in the world with your hatred towards my team, some players in my team feels like there is no more enjoyment in the game and would rather quit than to keep playing in this situation.

Top 20 CS:GO Players of 2013

A hard and brittle crystalline solid with a blue-gray metallic luster, it is a tetravalent metalloid. It is a member of group 14 in the periodic table, along with carbon above it and germanium, tin, lead, and flerovium below. It is rather unreactive, though less so than germanium, and has great chemical affinity for oxygen; as such, it was first prepared and characterized in pure form only in by J? Silicon is the eighth most common element in the universe by mass, but very rarely occurs as the pure element in the Earth’s crust.

Global Offensive Editor’s Review An incredibly popular game, and for good reason. An institution in first-person shooters, Counter Strike 1. There are not many video games that support professional play, but Counter Strike has a multitude of professional online leagues and even televised championship games. The game was originally a mod of Half Life that was developed into a standalone game when Valve saw its potential. While you can play Counter Strike on your own, the real draw comes from the multiplayer capabilities.

You can choose from a variety of modes such as Death Match, Zombie Mode and more. The game is fast, runs well on less than up-to-date systems, and importantly, has a huge, established player community ready and waiting for more players to join the action. You play over multiple maps, pledging your allegiance to a team of terrorists or counter-terrorists, with the goal being the annihilation of your opponents.

Let’s face it, a game that first came out in isn’t going to necessarily be at the cutting edge, but Counter Strike’s enduring popularity comes from its innate playability and sense of fun. GO will expand upon the team-based action gameplay that it pioneered when it was launched 14 years ago. GO will introduce new gameplay modes, matchmaking, leader boards,

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You can find here latest news, update change logs, tips and tricks and finally betting advices on European Matches. ShareThis Top 5 Moments of Hello guys ! It’s been quite a while since i posted here. So first of all Happy New Year to you all. The game reached new milestones topping the Steam concurrent players multiple times and finally being considered as a threat to the likes of Dota 2 and League of Legends.

So here we present the top 5 moments related to the professional community of CSGO. Obviously, this list is subjective and you guys are open to suggest changes. They were simply the best.

Top 20 CS:GO Players of 2013

Hopeful future It’s not everyday that I get to be pretty positive about eSports, and counter-strike in particular. In the last year the whole CS scene basically collapsed – with only 2 real tournaments in the whole year so far. To put it in perspective, we had roughly 6 by this time last year. And we had an equal number coming up in the second half. Plus the online leagues and smaller tournaments around the world. However with CSGO coming out it seems that things have actually gone better than i ever expected them to – i had made relatively arrogant comments on twitter to pus, thorin and lurppis about how half of the 1.

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Earth minerals and metal ores are examples of non-renewable resources.

He had season-lows in carries 10 and overall touches He ran for 62 yards and caught three passes for 21 yards as the Vikings were blown out by the Panthers, Peterson also fumbled on a run inside the red zone late in the second quarter, but the Vikings recovered. Louis success story including starting pitchers Michael Wacha, who nearly threw no-hitters in his last two starts, and Shelby Miller, and four bullpen arms led by Trevor Rosenthal, who took over as closer late in September.

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Fantastic new racket from Yonex. A great racket for the attacking player who is looking for both power and control. The racket works totally in harmony with your racket hand. Please ring us for personal advice on string choice and string tensions

For the sheer badassery of this article may late late late term abort you where you stand or make the fetus in your womb explode respectively. You have been warned. It has come to my attention that the brilliant minds of Reddit and HLTV are being given false information by,you guessed it an old ginger. Be warned my brethren, just because this old man watches video games does not mean that he is an e-sport historian. History is not about wearing trenchcoats and recounting boring shit from the past.

It’s about telling facts that kick fucking ass and no one kicked more ass in Counter-strike 1. To put it bluntly, Na’vi was the Maroon 5 of CS 1. Now you’re probably thinking to yourself,What the fuck is a Maroon 5? You’re god damn right because no one gives a shit about Maroon 5,we only care about Adam Levine. In the same sense, the only thing you should care about in CS 1.

Many people believe that f0rest and neo were the best players of 1. Even if he whiffed a shot, people would still kill themselves in real life because they wasted Markeloff’s bullet. Did f0rest and neo do that? Hell no, the only thing they did was win more majors.

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POV: markeloff vs. fnatic @ESWC Na’Vi CS 1.6 Demo