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Sash window problems The key to successful property renovation is deceptively simple — buying the right property in the first place. Windows are one such area, despite the fact that the cost of installing new replacements throughout can easily run into five figures — not much less than for a major re-roofing job. Perhaps this relaxed attitude is down to the fact that local DIY stores stock a wide range of off-the-shelf windows that a competent person can fit. Or maybe we should blame the double-glazing industry for seductively portraying window replacement as a desirable and easy home improvement. For example, fitting double glazing is widely believed to be a great way to reduce energy bills by cutting heat loss from your property. According to the Energy Saving Trust, based on the resulting savings in reduced bills, it can take well over 50 years for the cost of installing new windows to be paid back.

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If pizza no longer existed, this site would go down because everyone who works here would die of starvation. Consider your less-than-perfect vision a blessing; your frames can act as an extension of your personal style. But it can be really hard to find glasses as special as you are! People turn to vintage clothes to escape from the monotony of mass-produced fashion, so why not choose vintage eyeglass frames? Hereby, a guide to finding the right vintage frames for your style and prescription!

But before you hand over your credit card number, ask some questions!

You may not think to look on the Internet for help in dating old photographs, but actually it’s the best place to go. A variety of websites offer tips and tools, and they have the great advantage of being able to provide visual aids.

Retro-Choppers , some Downhill and Freeride models. The page on chainline of internal-gear hubs gives overlocknut dimensions of these hubs. When in doubt, measure! Overall axle length for quick release hubs is commonly 11 mm longer than the overlocknut distance listed, 5. In practice, the axle can be quite a bit shorter than this Axle Spacing Adjustment Hubs with conventional threaded axles can be adjusted for wider spacing by adding spacer washers, preferably between the cones and the locknuts.

For single-sprocket wheels, it is generally best to add equal spacers to each side. This way, the rim remains centered in the frame. With most internal-gear hubs, spacers can be added on the left end of the axle, and with some also on the right, as described on the page that gives their overlocknut distances.

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Some of the mid ‘s straight guage frames had serial numbers starting with a single letter which was towards the end of the alphabet. This new system applied to the high-end i. Reynolds frames, and involved the placing of a character at the beginning of the serial number. The character began at the start of the alphabet, and indicated year of manufacture.

Detail about the numerals that follow the alphabet are sketchy, and are presumably sequential serial numbers of some kind.

Old frames previously tossed in the dump heap are now being fought over by dealers from trendy Manhattan art galleries. Vintage frames date from the s into the 20th century. Identifying and dating antique frames is an art form in itself.

Tucson’s Stone Avenue, Courthouse in Tucson, Tucson was probably first visited by Paleo-Indians , known to have been in southern Arizona about 12, years ago. Recent archaeological excavations near the Santa Cruz River have located a village site dating from BC. These people constructed irrigation canals and grew corn, beans, and other crops while gathering wild plants and hunting.

The Early Ceramic period occupation of Tucson saw the first extensive use of pottery vessels for cooking and storage. The groups designated as the Hohokam lived in the area from AD to and are known for their vast irrigation canal systems and their red-on-brown pottery. A separate Convento settlement was founded downstream along the Santa Cruz River, near the base of what is now “A” mountain.

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Of course you can put your Coca-Cola cardboard in any old frame that fits. But, for those of you who care about accuracy, we have established accurate usage dates of the different style frames. The term “Coke Bottle Green” has become a common color designation that most everyone immediately understands. Exactly how did this color come about, and how did it become the standard for the world’s favorite soft drink. No matter where you fall in this spectrum, a thorough knowledge about the artifacts you collect is important.

It is often said that knowledge is power, and that certainly applies to collecting Coca-Cola memorabilia.

– Early 20th Century. During most of this period, eyeglass frames were individually handmade and newer models appeared in quick succession.

Printed mount notations such as photographer’s identification and title are fairly reliable, but can still provide false information. Dating by mount type and style provides a rough indicator for identifying images. The caveat is that many photographers, particularly in more remote areas, failed to keep up to photographic fashion and used old mounts until their stocks were exhausted. Also, photographers reprinted historically or commercially important images long after they were originally taken.

Also negatives were often sold or copied and the mount information may not accurately reflect the history of the images. Flanders views of Prescott taken in the Spring of appear on Williscraft mounts in the late s and Continent mounts into the mid s Notations on the mounts can occasionally provide additional information about the image, but should always be verified by other sources before being relied on.

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Town has been captured Grassy crown: Town has been relieved Rostral crown: Naval victory Vallary crown: This method is the one least frequently employed, although it was used quite widely in the Netherlands during the 17th century.

Dating old picture frames I just got glasses for all types of carved wood veneer, so repairing forty old is my bicycle dating free? Subject: cleaning and. Picture frames have recently seen a surge in oval, but based on pannels.

Unearth your Jewish heritage. Knowing the type of photo can still leave a large time period, but if you know the subject of the photo, your genealogical research should be able to help you narrow that. When was the subject born? Did he live in a city or a small town? What work did he do? Both the men in my photo are young, but one appears to be older than the other, and he has arm slung around his younger brother’s shoulders. Both are holding cigars. The elder is wearing a watch chain and a pinky ring.

Sadly, the age difference doesn’t help me much. Michael was seven years older than Peter, who was seven years older than Timothy. But it does help me rule out a pairing of Michael and Timothy. Fashionable clues I now turn to fashion to see if what these men are wearing can help me narrow the date range of the photo. Close examination of sleeves and collars can provide valuable information.

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Share this article Share But two years ago, when one friend sat Wendy down and told her she should start acting her age, she listened. Until this turnaround, Wendy had spent 20 years dating men much younger than her, whom she met through friends or dating websites. But an infatuation with toyboys certainly wasn’t something Wendy always aspired to. She was twice married to men her own age – once at 21 for two years, and then again four years later.

When the second marriage ended after 14 years, Wendy found herself single at 42, with a daughter from each marriage and a sense that she had given her 20s and 30s to men who didn’t appreciate her. These are wealthy men, but I’ve seen better dressed tramps’ Freshly divorced, she was deter-mined to claw back some of the excitement she’d missed, and on a skiing trip with her elder daughter, the perfect opportunity arose – and she ended up having a fling with a boy young enough to be her son.

Identifying and Dating Daguerreotypes. The Daguerreotype in America. Once the daguerreotype process was published in Paris in , it spread rapidly to America.

No dust nor germs nor vermin can find lodgement in an iron bed. Instead of celebrating their product’s elegant, sensual designs, warm colors and impressive craftsmanship, early ads for iron beds attacked the wooden competition as being unsanitary and likely to make you sick. While there was a modicum of truth that certain insects might be more attracted to sleeping with you in a wood bed, the contest was really about beauty not bugs.

Should centuries-old advertising or sanitation problems play a part in the purchase of your antique iron bed? But there are a few important details you do need to consider. Iron beds are created as a stylized arrangement of tubes and rods all held together by highly crafted pieces of cast iron known as castings. The abundance and the clarity of design inherent in these castings are the qualities that give the antique iron bed its value, character and weight.

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In addition to a “more sanitary condition,” iron bed frames offered consumers elegant, beautiful designs that many wooden beds couldn’t compete with. Because iron is a durable material that is less subject to breakage, many of these beds may be found in antique stores as well as city dumps today. If you have found a potential antique, you must study it closely to determine the date. The style of an iron bed can indicate its age. Step 1 Look at the metal involved in creating the bed.

The Victorians primarily used hand-crafted cast iron for their home products until the start of World War I.

Collecting Picture and Photo Frames is the best book for those interested in old frames. It covers all styles such as Eastlake, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Folk Art, Tramp Art, Rustic Style, all types of wood and painted finishes from the period to about

Ways to Use Photos in Your Celebration Create new mementos along the way by using these photo ideas in your nuptials. Have the shower hostess ask everyone to bring a photo-related gift. If most of your guests have been friends for years, you could show a slideshow of your shared past during the party. Have a friend or relative on hand to take pictures of the event. Go For Glam Take your bachelorette party to a photo studio, for a chic set of prints you’ll keep long after the wedding.

Make this last night out with the girls a full-scale glam session. If you still want to do the more traditional night out at the bars afterward, you’ll be made-up and ready. Dinner and a Movie Put together a slideshow on your laptop for the rehearsal dinner. The Wedding Day The Write Invite Rather than ordering standard save-the-dates, why not incorporate some of your own great art? Or unearth that letter you wrote when you were 8-years-old, vowing to never kiss a boy, and reprint that along with a picture of the two of you.

Or, head to an old-school black-and-white photo booth and create a fun photo strip for your save-the-dates. Parental Pride Display your parents’ and grandparents’ wedding photos on the entry table or the cake table, creating a sense of history at your wedding and honoring them at the same time.

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