I have verizon fios and need to hook up tivo.?

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My cord cutting experience (and the bullshit that came with it)

More people are coming to discover that the picture quality and speed towers over both cable and satellite by far. While the service has proven to be a viable alternative to traditional TV mediums, there are still a few consumers who are reluctant to make the switch. These are primarily those who have invested in a TiVo and do not want to part ways with their super-functional DVR.

This receiver offers all the basic functionality but TiVo it is not.

The TiVo Roamio DVR records up to 6 shows at once and 3, hours. Watch live and recorded TV anywhere, at any time. Get set up and connected. If you have Verizon FiOS, your network is already MoCA-enabled! Learn more about MoCA. WIRELESS.

A blog about video and, occasionally, audio in the HDTV age. After a nod toward “cord cutting” — getting rid of my Verizon FiOS TV service entirely, along with the three cable boxes in my home — I said the idea currently presents several hurdles. On the other hand, I could get pretty close to my dream of all my channels, all the time, on all my devices, wherever I go, if I buy some of the latest DVR boxes from TiVo.

In a later post, I’ll talk in detail about that possibility, along with the other gear I’d need. For now, though, I want to mention how I’d tie multiple TiVo units together in a home network, such that recordings made on my Roamio could be viewed on my other TiVo units. The secret is MoCA. I am also told it might do so in the Optical Network Terminal module attached to the wall of each customer’s home.

Get set up and connected

This is a great way to get wired networking into rooms where you have a coax connection but no ethernet, and is preferable to Wi-Fi for high-bandwidth operations like streaming video because MoCA is much faster. They claim up to mbps and while I haven’t done any specific speed tests myself, I can attest to the fact that it’s blazing fast based on using a computer hooked into the MoCA adapter. I did have an interesting thing happen with my setup that I figured I’d share in case anyone else runs into this.

Typically if you have both internet and TV they give you an Actiontec router that has both ethernet ports and a coax port on the back of it.

Jun 14,  · FIOS IPTV and Tivo compatibility Discussion in ‘TiVo Coffee House – TiVo Discussion Preliminary Full IPTV discussion – Verizon FiOS TV | DSLReports Forums. Jun 7, #3 of 90 wesbc Member. 92 2. Mar 16, Can’t pass up 3 months free. At least it’s the off season so won’t miss too much recordings.

Firestick Theater Firestick Theater: But it works with the TV. Any ideas how the firestick can work with the surround sound system. Any ideas will be appreciated. The Amazon Firestick is an amazing gadget for watching video of all kinds. The trick here is to plug your Amazon Firestick into the the home theater system rather than directly into the TV. And of course, cables going to your surround-sound speakers.

These are usually on the back of the receiver, although there may be one on the front, depending on your model. So you end up playing your Amazon Firestick through your home theater receiver just like you do your DVD player.

How one couple beat the cable company

Solid remote The small remote isn’t anything fancy, but it’s well-designed and easy to use in the dark. AAA batteries mean no recharging. Poor specs One of Android TV’s best extras over the competition is games and local media playback A few kinks to work out Though Android TV 6. Hardware The Mi Box gets the job done and doesn’t get in anyone’s way. You can think of the Mi Box as a slightly newer version of the Nexus Player.

Dec 05,  · Whenever FIOS gets to your street, it seems likely to me that Tivo will work with FIOS will work in at least one way of hooking it up (via the cable ready connection). dt_dc said: Easily fixed (by Tivo or Tribune) but something that (may) be required (if you’re going to hook a Tivo straight to the coax).

This is a review of my experience switching from crummy slow Comcast cable modem to blazing fast modern Verizon FiOS fiber optic Internet service. I made the switch in the fall of I didn’t want the cable TV, but it was cheaper to have a bundle of Internet plus cable than Internet alone. Comcast promised kbps up and 8 Mbits down. That’s what they delivered, more or less reliably for several years. Verizon FiOS Verizon promises a brave new world of telecommunications.

Only in cities where it can get permission to offer the entire bundle of services. Cable television is the most profitable service and the toughest one to get approved. The local cable monopoly tends to own local politicians and when Verizon comes knocking and asks to launch its TV service, those politicians often say “We don’t think competition would be good for our constituents.

Here’s my review of the service. FiOS Internet Using http:

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The VMS upgrades the standard cable boxes used by Verizon and other providers by shoving six tuners and a 1TB hard drive into a box that then feeds TV to other smaller set-top boxes in the rest of the house over existing cable wiring MoCA. Better still, you can add more DVRs for the ability to record up to 12 channels at once, 2TB of storage and feeds for as many as ten TVs. Unlike some other multiroom systems, users can pause and rewind live TV on the extender boxes as well, or pause a program in one room, then resume it in another room.

Early reports indicate the software still needs some polishing, but that using the VMS itself is “lightning fast” and nearly as responsive on the networked boxes. While its current capabilities are impressive, what’s more exciting is the “phase 2” Verizon has shown with transcoding that makes video available on network connected hardware like an Xbox, Roku or iPad.

If you need to install and/or activate your service, sign into My Verizon or the My Fios app to get your Fios up and running with easy step-by-step instructions. The .

I am on my third modem in 3 weeks, all my inside lines have been replaced. The issue must be an outside line , but getting them to do something about this is hard. I have no other internet provider choice in my area. If I ever get reliable service, I want to cut out their TV. Just found out that, if I do that, those services are considered a la carte. You guys are just dumb. I’ve had my services for a little over a year and I love it.

I pay for the extreme mbps, and I get mbps.

MoCA advice (have VZ FiOS TV)

If I had been using FiOS equipment instead, I would have easily paid four figures more during the same time period. Plus with the TiVo I own it. So I can sell it at some point later further reducing the cost of ownership.

Download the user guide for your Set-top Box or DVR model below for detailed information on activation, features, dimensions, wiring and more. Review energy efficiency information for set-top boxes, DVRs, and small network equipment below. Sign into My Verizon or the My Fios app to access the self.

We have managed to fill the internal and external storage, but we don’t watch all the content. Like a previous poster, they are full so that we always have a variety of things to watch. Comcast man came a knocking on my door Saturday trying to get me to switch to their new X1 platform. Thing is, I just had a baby and I just have no time to spend researching and weighing my options. I’d really prefer not to switch to Comcast, but possibly upgrade to the VMS thing depending on cost.

We’ve had rock solid service from Verizon, but I understand things have changed. There are upsides and downsides to either service. What I do know about Comcast that I like is their online Netflix-ish type vault of shows. I don’t know if I would really benefit from Comcast’s online repository, but the prospect of being able to watch content from the vault or my DVR on the go on my iPad is very appealing.

I would probably drop HuluPlus in favor of it. It seems like Verizon is always slower to offer things like this, but maybe that’s just my perception grass is always greener on the other side. And NO, I don’t want a tivo. Last edited by crankerchick; at

Amazon Fire TV Channels

A blog about video and, occasionally, audio in the HDTV age. I ordered my new TiVo gear online at TiVo. I will hook up the Roamio Plus soon, this coming Saturday. The other boxes will be hooked up later. I would thus receive a multi-system discount MSD on Roamio Plus lifetime service, I said, such that I would save enough in monthly outlays to cover my initial TiVo expenditures after just 32 months 26 months if I also give up Aereo.

Buying the TiVo combination seemed a really smart move, partly because it has better capabilities than my current Verizon whole-house gear:

Also, if you’ve built up some lead time on the Tivo, the FIOS remote will have an equally delayed response. My Tivo is run with a basic FIOS box and a Tivo wireless network adapter. I ran the cable from the wall to the Verizon box, then to the Tivo, then to the tv.

There are two types of Fios TV packages. This is the ideal option for people who want the ability to select their favorite types of channels. Choose from a variety of channel packages custom built to fit your lifestyle — whether you like sports, news, drama, or family programming. Each package is custom curated to include only the types of content you enjoy. A traditional plan is a good option for homes with multiple family members with a range in TV tastes.

Choose from a list of carefully curated packages with hefty-sized channel counts. Add on premium channels and DVR service to record family favorites. You can get it all with Verizon — TV that literally has something for everyone.

One more step

January 15, at 9: I have had one of the inexpensive generic boxes and one ViewTV and they do seem to required a powered USB hub or similar for the memory sticks. The generic one came set to power an antenna through the coax. It took a bit to figure out why it was getting hot. Its manual was almost useless.

You can get a Digital Adapter from Verizon (DCA) and use a Tivo IR Blaster to control it. The DCA will connect to the Tivo via Coax Cable. I have been trying a similar setup with an Older ReplayTV.

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Comcast Hookup Diagram

Relevant terms are listed here, alphabetically. Not all terms have “Jump Table” entries the above table. Lots more information on Terms may be found at: Click here for Acronyms.

Enhanced and Premium Fios TV DVR subscribers can watch programs using the Fios TV app. Note: You can keep your recorded shows on your Fios DVR for as long as you want, but if you’re done with a show, select it from the menu and scroll to Delete.

Even though I pay a monthly premium on top of the regular rate for Internet Access, I’m rarely getting good throughput. Yes, I know American’s are spoiled by good bandwidth at cheap prices. I realize this more than you might know. See my post on Bandwidth in the Bush. Be sure to call and ask them if it’s available where you are. My house was not available when checking online, but WAS available when I called and talked to a human.

Installation I called and made the appointment. The day came today and the guy showed up.

Tivo Bolt Set Top Box – Hands On Review